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POLR: Here’s what you need to know

Danielle Dowler,
Content Strategist
Texas Energy Policy

POLR: Here’s what you need to know

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POLR: Here’s what you need to know

The aftermath of Texas’ energy crisis hasn’t been easy. On top of thousands of homes being in a state of disrepair, many are looking for ways to pay shockingly high energy bills due to unprecedented price spikes. Not only are customers feeling let down by ERCOT and the Public Utilities…

Octopus Energy US and the Texas Energy Crisis

Welcome to Octopus Energy US, we’re excited to be here and have you as our customer in our mission to provide the world with greener, cheaper energy while demonstrating superior customer service. While this is our official introduction to you, given the events of last week, we’d like to first…

Octopus Energy announces one-time Bill Forgiveness Program

Effective immediately, we are adopting a one-time Bill Forgiveness Plan for all of our current customers. We will reconcile any usage that was incurred on our OctoFlex wholesale plan during the week of Saturday, February 13th through Friday, February 19th, that is in excess of the Energy Information Administration of…

Michael Lee Interview on CBS7 Midland, Texas

The experience last week in Texas was incredibly tough — for the state as a whole, for our customers, and for our team, many of whom did not have power or water for days themselves. We made it our priority to try to help each and every one of our…