Effective immediately, we are adopting a one-time Bill Forgiveness Plan for all of our current customers. We will reconcile any usage that was incurred on our OctoFlex wholesale plan during the week of Saturday, February 13th through Friday, February 19th, that is in excess of the Energy Information Administration of Texas’ average price of 12.20¢/kWh. If you have already paid any money towards a bill that is higher than your new reconciled bill, this will be credited to your account for future energy usage.

Thank you for being patient with us as we worked out the details of this plan and thank you for being a customer.

For further details or questions about your bill please text us at (844) 386-5832.

Or email us at heretohelp@octopusenergy.com.

*If you switched to our OctoGo plan at any time during the aforementioned week, the locked-in rate quoted will be honored for that time period. Any other time during that week you were still on our OctoFlex plan will be reconciled at the 12.20¢/kWh rate.

*We are waiting on smart meter data to be settled, so customers may not see the adjustment for a few days.

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Houston's current wholesale price

Wholesale electricity is cheaper 96% of the time compared to traditional fixed rate electricity.

Month Average Rate
January 2021 2.1¢
December 2020 2.0¢
November 2020 2.6¢
  • The wholesale rate changes every 5 minutes.
  • We can help you use less electricity when it is most expensive, and using more electricity when it is the least expensive - or even free!
  • The rate shown is for Houston, but is similar across the lone star state.
  • Price spikes do happen, either due to extreme weather or other energy events. During the recent February 2021 energy crisis we saw spikes of up to the maximum amount of $9/kWh.

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