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We offer multiple low-cost plans ranging from
8.5 to 11.2¢/kWh, depending on where you live.

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You pay $10 per month plus the wholesale cost of electricity, that'ts it.

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100% Green

Reduce your carbon footprint without doing anything differently.

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

I’ve enjoyed your help so much I want to invite you over for a BBQ!
— Jason in Houston, TX
It is just great to see the company go above and beyond for its customers!!
— Andi in Houston, TX
Seriously, I love the service and the price…couldn't ask for better.
— Trevor in Sherman, TX

Switching has never been easier.

Same-day switch

No disruption to your electricity supply

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No long term contracts or termination fees

We're ready for our close-up.

Better for your wallet. Better for the planet. Better for you.

As a customer-centric energy company, we view ourselves as your partner in energy. The big guys don’t care about your individual energy needs. Armed (8 of ‘em in fact!) with a wealth of knowledge and really cool technology, we want to help you get the best bang for your buck. And we’re powered by 100% renewable energy at low-cost rates, no matter which plan you choose.

Got Solar?
solar panel

We'll buy back extra electricity that your panels produce and even mail you a check for the overage added to your Octopus Energy account! Octopus Energy works hand in hand with solar.

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Connect your smart devices
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Save even more by connecting your smart home devices with one touch.

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