100% renewable wholesale energy.

We purchase renewable energy credits on behalf of you to match your electricity consumption and offset any "dirty" energy you consume with renewable energy like solar or wind.

That means you can feel good about 100% renewable energy support without having to sacrifice comfort or change your lifestyle.

See what type of energy is powering your home.

How much renewable energy is powering the grid fluctuates based on things we can’t control—sun and wind. During peak-use times, there isn’t enough renewable energy to meet demand, so more power needs to be supplied by plants burning coal or gas.

We track emissions data from electricity usage in Texas down to five-minute intervals, and you have access to that information at-a-glance in your Octopus Energy app.

A visual showing how the Octopus Energy mobile app displays the current carbon density

Know exactly the carbon impact of your last day or week of electricity usage and make informed decisions about when to use energy to tap into the “cleanest” power available.


If you have solar panels on your home, we utilize your two-way electricity meter and are able to buy back an`y overproduction that your panels produce.

We then sell that excess power back to the grid in real time at the current wholesale rate. At the end of the month we will literally send you a check for the energy sold back to the grid, or you can even leave it in your account to put towards future electricity use. Solar made easy with Evolve Energy.

Automatic carbon savings.

In addition to giving our customers carbon impact data, we plug that information into our AI tech to shift your load to cleaner times, automatically.

Using predictive data, we plan ahead to shift your peak usage to times when more renewable energy flows into the grid so that we can avoid doing high-energy tasks like cooling your home or charging your car when the grid is heavily powered by coal or natural gas.


Clean Energy Transition Winner 2020

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